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Samuel Gordon
Candle Artist of Fannie’s Silks and Scents. Bro. Gordon is very experienced and has mastered the art of perfecting a fragrance candle. Within seconds of lighting one of his candles, a lingering and lasting aroma  fills the room. His art began in 2004 after attending Green Leaf Candle Arts in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Fannie Gordon
Fannie is the owner and operator of Fannie’s Silks and Scents. The Lord blessed her with this home base business in 2004, which is located in Pineville, Louisiana. Fannie is a certified florist and the designer of many different silk arrangements. Her specialty designs include: sympathy, formal and informal  occasions. All of her designs can be treated with a fragrance and her motto BEAUTY LIES IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLDER. Her experience and creativity started in 1991 after attending Andy Graza Florist Arrangement School in Gulfport, Mississippi. Fannie also has used her talent in working with City of Alexandria, Louisiana Summer Youth Development Program.

She then became interested in the art of fragrances and candles after attending the Green Leaf Candle Arts in Grand Prairie, Texas. Now Fannie’s Silks and Scents offer products that are known in many households in the United States: AIR FRESH AWAY YOUR ODORS WITH FRESH SCENTS.

Candles are designed in various fragrances and colors in a down-home jelly jar or any other decorative container the customer might choose. She also produces wickless candles, tarts, and scented potpourri dried or liquid with scents that last for months. Fannie’s Silks and Scents will continue to discover new and exciting products for our customers.
Sheree Edwinnette Nickles---Executive Director
She is responsible for the overall management and operations, as well as asset protection and marketing/public relations for Fannie’s Silks and Scents. She received her abilities through her studies in the field of nursing. She has a love for children and is now employed as a school nurse.




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